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One Way Vision

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Australia, a country with lot of population and tourists, needs a lot of advertising to reach the right audiences. There are hundreds of people visiting malls, shops, cinema halls, etc. To attract people to a shop, it is very important for the shop owners and retailers to display their products or the offers that they are providing. This also needs to be interesting so that people can come and buy the products at these shops.

We here provide our consumers who want to display ads at their shops with “PERFORATED WINDOW SIGNS”. These signs that are used can be stuck on the glasses with ease. The Perforates Window Signs can be seen by the customers from outside very easily. The Window Signs can be easily peeled off after the need of it is over.

We at Circle One believe that the advertisement banners should not only be reasonable but it should also be colorful. The ads must be kept simple and also the message that is delivered through the ads must be crisp and clear.

The advantages of using these signs are, they can be customized the way you like and they can be used only one time. They do not burn the pockets and are durable for the time it is kept for the onlookers. They serve as both banners and stick ons. The easy peel and sticking off this is another added advantage.

Generally it is said that for using these kinds of Perforated Window signs, you only require either a tinted glass or a plain glass. They do not require any kind of sun light or anything. Hence the cost of printing this is less because UV inks are not used for printing.

So make your ads lively with us, so that you can pull customers to your shop. This way you will be happy with you company’s performance and we will be happy with ours for the service that we have rendered to you.

The best part is that since it can be used in cars, these signs can be used for displaying ads or spreading certain message. The signs can also be made funky so that the car gets a funky look at a reasonable rate.

Therefore don’t miss this opportunity of increasing your customer and your brand value by using these Perforated Window Signs. Our team would love to assist you before you place an order.


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